Physical Therapy

The Impact of Concussions in Sports: A Focus on Physical Therapy and Recovery

The Reality of Concussions in Sports In the world of sports, it’s an unfortunate reality that concussions, otherwise known as mild traumatic brain injuries, are quite common. It’s estimated that nearly 3 million athletes face this issue annually. These concussions not only pose immediate negative effects but according to recent studies, they can also lead […]

Understanding Elbow Fracture Treatment: Expert Insights from BenchMark Physical Therapy

Understanding Elbow Fracture Treatment An elbow fracture can be understood as a deformation in the bone that sits in the middle of your arm, right next to the elbow joint. Surprisingly, it’s quite a prevalent injury among folks. Elbow Fracture Treatment at BenchMark Physical Therapy BenchMark Physical Therapy is known for its effective treatment for […]

Improving Balance: Is It Ever Too Late? A Guide to Overcoming Mobility Concerns – Athletico’s Expert Advice

Improving Balance: Is It Ever Too Late? A Constantly Lingering Question For many, worries about balance and mobility are persistent. Questions such as “Is it too late to improve my balance?” or “Will I be safe climbing stairs or venturing off-road?” are often at the forefront of their minds. The use of mobility aids, such […]

Understanding Range of Motion Exercises: Improve Flexibility and Joint Health

Understanding Range of Motion Exercises The range of motion defines the extent to which you can independently or assistively move and stretch a joint or muscle. It’s a critical aspect that can be negatively impacted by an injury or disease. Range of Motion (ROM) exercises are specially designed to maintain and improve the flexibility and […]