Improving Life with Lifestyle

Customizing an occupational therapy plan is how our therapists combine clinical care with personal assistance. The right treatment plan can successfully wean patients off complete or partial caregiver reliance and improve task coordination for independent home and outdoor activities. Every goal oriented approach is primarily based on a level of independent comfort and willingness on behalf of the patient and his/ her therapist. Working within comfort zones and beyond expectations, daily meal and hygiene fulfillment becomes possible and invigorating.

The Occupational Therapist-Patient Customization Guide

  • Muscle flexing and fine motor coordination.
  • Practical stability for safe and effective meal prep.
  • One on one bathing, dressing and overall hygiene improvement.
  • Therapeutic exercises to combat memory impairment effects.
  • Assessing acute or partial memory impairment.
  • Safe coordination and assistance with outdoor activities.