Our History

Patient Initiative: Then and Now

Stern at Home Therapy originates from a larger agenda than its focused priorities of today. During its infancy, the founders at Stern created comprehensive outpatient services for seniors. One of the very early believers of personal care programs, Stern truly listened to his patients and their families. More than a service provider, he became a family name.

A widespread challenge for patients was the commute and scheduling of ambulatory services to get to appointments. When inquiring about patient distress, the team at Stern made note of every concern and difficulty. They realized that more patients were negligent in their care because it was too difficult for them to come to the facility.

So Stern came home and continues to do so for many years, and counting.

While Stern at Home Therapy has become a treasure trove of white gloved care, the entire spectrum of geriatric health remains available for our patients to this very day. Although our mission is completely focused and driven by the reversal of obligation and convenience of care, our patients know we are always about helping with the bigger picture.