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I like the independence, the help from the office with the documentation and the documentation program we use!
What I love working with Stern is the ability to autonomously practice with my patients and be able to make the rehab process, which can be daunting, easier for my patients.
At Stern I speak directly to my coordinator and deal with issues as they show up. I think that shows trust in the clinician.
The ability to provide treatment to people who cant leave their homes is very rewarding and is very needed in today’s world.
I’m able to set my own schedule and work with patients that are local to me, helping me find real balance in my work and personal life.
I love the flexibility of time. I’m also happy with the staff, they are so nice and very accommodating to all my inquiries/questions.
They were ready to fill me up.
They guarantee me cases.
The best thing about Stern is autonomy — no micromanagement! You are in charge of you. The end.